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From the Founding Conductor, Artistic & Executive Director - Dr Brian Chatpo Koo

Welcome to our first concert!

The Western Sydney Symphony Orchestra is very proudly presenting its first concert to the Western Sydney region communities.

We are very pleased and very honored that the Mayor of the Hills Shire Council, Dr. Michelle Byrne will be here with us and give a welcome speech.

Supported by the Hills Council, and featured with local musicians alongside the professional musicians of the Sydney Contemporary Orchestra, in this first concert we will play great classical symphonic works by great classical composers. I am sure it will be a great and unforgettable evening!

I would like to thank our generous sponsors, the Hills Shire Council, Baulkham Hills High School, The Western Business Access, and especially the presentation of our Mayor, Dr. Michelle Byrne.

I would also like to give my sincere thanks to our musicians for their love of music, dedication, for their sense of responsibility and mission as a true musician.

Special thanks to our volunteer Management Committee members, without whom this great concert would not be possible.

Brian Chatpo Koo
Founding Conductor, Artistic & Executive Director
Western Sydney Symphony Orchestra


From the Mayor of the Hills Shire - Dr Michelle Byrne


Welcome to the Western Sydney Symphony Orchestra’s Great Concerts of Great Classical Symphonies.

I’m thrilled to be here tonight and I’m looking forward to hearing some of our incredibly talented artists showcase their musical abilities in the newly established Pioneer Theatre in Castle Hill.

The decision was made to modify this venue to create a designated community performing arts space that would bring quality performances, like the Western Sydney Symphony Orchestra, to our Shire.

We’ve already hosted some amazing events, including Christine Anu’s In Conversation and Song show, Kerry O’Brien’s and Ben Quilty’s author talk, and we’ve had some wonderful musical theatre shows.

The new theatre has been designed to be incredibly flexible and to meet a range of needs in our region.

And I’m sure you’ll notice a refresh in the auditorium and surrounding rooms, which has ultimately transformed the user experience, as well as aiding those on the stage to push their creative artistic boundaries in entirely new ways.

The new theatre has added another entertainment option for people enjoying a great night out in The Hills.

It’s the perfect opportunity to enjoy dinner at one of our great local cafes and restaurants followed by a show.

Finally, I want to thank the event organisers, the talented musicians and everyone else who has contributed to making tonight a very special evening.

Thank you.

Mayor of The Hills Shire
Dr Michelle Byrne


The Western Sydney Symphony Orchestra (WSSO) is a community Symphony Orchestra serving the communities of Greater Western Sydney Region suburb communities.

Directed by the Artistic Director Dr. Brian Chatpo Koo, managed by the Sydney Contemporary Orchestra Inc. (SCO) Management Committee, composed of brilliant professional musicians of the SCO, and local music lovers, the WSSO will host a series of classical music concerts during a year, providing captivating performances that showcase incredible diversity and skill across a variety of crowd-pleasing classics and new works of Australian composers.  Through these events, the WSSO will build a more vibrant, sustainable, and inclusive local community for lovers of classical and symphonic music.

Based in Western Sydney and the Hills Shire area, and supported by the Hills shire Council, the Western Sydney Symphony Orchestra will provide valuable and development opportunities, and will encourage local participation from talented amateur and professional musicians.  All professional musicians, music teachers, and classical music lovers who are over the age of 18 and living in Western Sydney and the Sydney Hills area are welcome to join this new dynamic orchestra.


Dr Brian Chatpo Koo is a Sydney-based musician. 

Having studied music at the University of Hong Kong and the University of Sydney, Brian was the first person in Australia to receive a Ph.D. degree in music composition. Supported by the Hong Kong University Grant, Brian also studied music at the International Summer Course for New Music in Darmstadt, Germany, and obtained his Licentiate and Fellowship Diplomas from the Trinity College of Music in London.

He founded the Sydney Contemporary Orchestra in 2013. Together with about 100 of the finest Sydney professional musicians and a strong volunteer management team, Brian is dedicated to creating a platform where more new orchestral works can be written, performed, heard, recorded, published, and become a part of our music culture, as he believes music development history is written by composers' creativities. To encourage and to reach the pinnacle of this creativity and art, Brian believes that it must through devotion, perseverance, determination, and the most importantly through constant performances. Since 2013 the SCO has held 11 concerts, performed 38 new works of the composers from 22 countries.

Brian also founded the SCO Youth Symphony, a training arm of the Sydney Contemporary Orchestra, in order to provide professional orchestral training to young musicians, as he believes with classical music training and carefully selected programs covering a variety of cultural perspectives, young musicians can be equipped to broaden their vision and to enhance their understanding of culture, civilization and human society. 

He founded the Western Sydney Symphony Orchestra in 2019 in the hope to enrich the music culture live of Western Sydney by providing fantastic opportunities for local music lovers to play and enjoy classical music.  Through these events, he wants to build a more vibrant, sustainable, and inclusive local community for lovers of classical and symphonic music.



Western Sydney Symphony Orchestra
Founding Conductor, Artistic & Executive Director - Dr Brian Chatpo Koo
Concertmaster - Beata Stanowska

Violin I

Beata Stanowska (Concertmaster)
Paul Pokorny (Co-concertmaster)
Jelena Cvetkovic
Patrick Lo
Joel Tng

Violin II

Dorothy Sercombe (Principal)
Kiana Napernikova (Associate Principal)
Isaac Cheng
Yuyin Lai
Jonathan Yap


Julia Pokorny (Principal)
Eda Talu


Michal Wieczorek(Principal)
Kayla Flaxman (Associate Principal)
Nazli Sendurgut
Zara Vellani
Xin Connie Chen

Double Bass

Vitalily Palitsyn (Principal)
Bryton Johnson


Catherine Anne Wainwright (Principal)
Andrew James Watkins


ShangGuan Jia jia  (Principal)
Dianne Harrell


Carson Du  (Principal)
Ishaan Vellani


Shuai Yang  (Principal)
David Pow

French Horn

Sandra Miletic  (Principal)
Radu Boros


Ryley Gillen (Principal)
Harriet Channon


Stevan Machamer


The Western Sydney Symphony Orchestra would like to thank our supports:

The Sydney Hills Shire Council

Baulkham Hills High School

Special thanks to the Sydney Contemporary Orchestra Management Committee and the Executive Committee


President - Dr Brian Chatpo Koo
Vice President - Julia Farquharson
Secretary - Rajishwar Datt
Treasurer - Lalesh Chand
Dianne Batcheldor
Linda Howarth
Rawah Dorranian


Executive Director - Dr Brian Chatpo Koo
Orchestra Manager - Dianne Batcheldor
Orchestra Coordinator - Jocelyn Palmer
Office Manager - Rajishwar Datt
Finance Manager - Lalesh Chand
Publicity Manager - Rawah Dorranian
Concert Manager - Rita Lee
Membership Manager - Eva Lau
Development Manager - Jennifer Leung


­For more information: Call our Orchestra Manager - Bryton Johnson 0427 818 771